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Laboratory Rules and Safety Guidelines

(Revision date: September 1, 2018)


Dear Bionerds parent or guardian,


Your child will be participating in exciting and fun hands-on biology experiments, activities and games, but at the same time he or she will be handling including but not limited to chemicals, science tools that may be sharp, equipment, and living and preserved organisms.   The potential for accident and injury exist, therefore, it is very important that your child follow these rules to lower the risks.  Please review these rules and guidelines with your child before the session or event starts.  SAFETY is our number one priority.


By registering your child to our program, you acknowledge the Laboratory Rules and Safety Guidelines and consequences of not following the rules.


  1. Your child should wear comfortable clothes, but no loose clothing. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory in the laboratory setting.  No sandals allowed.  Long hair must be tied up.  Wearing a laboratory coat/apron and gloves are mandatory.  Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as goggles and mask are optional.


  1. Your child is expected to pay close attention to any verbal instructions given throughout the class. Also, the appropriate and respectful manner is expected when participating in all activities.  They have to follow safety instructions.
    • If the inappropriate or unsafe behavior occurs, your child will be given a verbal warning that will be documented.
    • If the inappropriate behavior persists, your child will be asked to take a break from the session until the behavior problems have been addressed, corrected and resolved.


  1. No food or drink allowed in the laboratory environment. For exceptions, some of our curriculums involve food and drink that we can taste.  Nevertheless, never taste anything in the laboratory if not instructed so, including food as well as chemicals.  Do not eat or drink from the laboratory glassware.


  1. Most of the chemicals we use in the programs are kids-friendly or household products, but there are exceptions. Therefore, it is important for you to review this Safety Guidelines with your child.  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the chemicals’ use are available upon request.


  1. Questions regarding safety/good lab practice should be addressed to Bionerds instructor or staff immediately. When in doubt, please ask.


  1. Your child is not to perform any unauthorized experiments (other than those specifically approved by the instructor) under any circumstances.


  1. Reduce accident by being neat. The work area should be kept clear of all materials except those needed for the immediate task.


  1. Report any equipment malfunction to the instructor or staff. Do not use it until further notice.


  1. First aid kit is available to use when necessary.


In the case of an accident:

  1. Your child should notify the instructor or staff immediately.
  2. If your child should get a chemical or another irritant into his or her eyes, notify the instructor or staff immediately and wash with flowing water from the bathroom sink for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Staff will contact the medical assistant or 911 when deemed necessary. You will be responsible for all medical costs incurred.


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