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Citizen Science

An Immersive Program for Wildlife and Ecology Enthusiasts in Grades 4-8!

We are excited to announce a unique and new course for Bionerds! This adventure will take you all across Orange County to learn about bird behavior, aquatic ecology, and conduct field research. In addition, it will teach your little scientists the health of the bird populations that live across Orange County from January to June, 2019.

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is a collaboration between professional scientists and the general public. Our goal is to engage your scientists with data collection and analysis of bird activity in Orange County, teaching them how to contribute to the world of conversation science. This will be done by collecting data from our different field sites and learning about how human activity impacts their environment.
This course includes 5 field trips to different birdwatching sites, and 6 lectures that will teach your child how to analyze data and the different factors that affect their habitat.
Days: Selected Mondays (for lectures from 5pm-6pm) and Selected Saturdays (for field trips). 
Location: Soteric Academy, 102 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.  Price: $150 per student.  A FREE Bionerds T-shirt is included. 

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