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Use the form below only for Rancho Santa Margarita Samlarc Camps.  For other facilities, please click here to go to the specific registration form.  Please review our Class Schedules prior to registration.


Welcome to our Registration page. When you register, your child will bring home these items with him or her:

  • A FREE Bionerds T-shirt (while supplies last, so let’s get started!).
  • A little “live friend” as a reward for good behavior in class (surely with your permission and psstttt…don’t tell your child.  It’s a surprise).  If you prefer non-live toys instead, please let us know.  It’s totally fine.
  • A Bionerds certificate at the end of the session.
  • Fun time with Bionerds staffs.


We look forward to having fun with your kid!  Please review our policy documents below before you register.  Don’t worry, our page is secure.

Important Note: RSM Summer Camp on week 6/11-6/15 has been canceled.  The camp on week 8/20-24 is OPEN.  

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