Bionerds Reward Program

Do the points ever expire?

The points NEVER expire.

Can I share points between siblings?

No.  Your points are UNIQUELY for only you and NOT transferrable.

How do I see how many points I have?

Easy, just email us at or call us at (949)288-1486.

At Bionerds, You Earn as You Learn!

Welcome to Bionerds Rewards program. Starting January 1st 2020, we will be issuing rewards points for every multiple-day program session your child attends. Multiple day programs include after-school, homeschool, summer program, and camps. Points will accumulate to earn fun prizes. Each multiple day program session is equal to one point.

Point Redemption

As your student’s points accrue, your student will receive recognition as a returning students. Then as your student earns the follow points, they will automatically earn the following rewards.  T-shirt and Lab Coat sizes are subject to availability.

3 points – a FREE Bionerds T-shirt

4 points – a FREE Bionerds Laboratory Coat

5 and more points – Each additional session will earn a FREE Bionerds patch that children can stitch or glue to their laboratory coat.

Learning never looked so good. Thank you to the kids who make Science so much Fun at Bionerds.

Getting Started : Ways to earn more points

Join us for multi-day camps, summer programs, after-school, and day classes in Tustin.

To start earning points with Bionerds, visit our website to sign up for new and engaging biology classes

Rewards Delivery

The recipient’s parent or guardian will be contacted prior to the delivery of the reward. Each reward will either be delivered by mail (mailing address will be confirmed prior to shipping) or given in class.

How We Collected Our Data

The rewards information is collected from the registration system (starting June 2018) at the facilities or schools that we are affiliated with. We focused on students that have attended a full session with us, and we did not include any one-class programs, such as private events, birthdays, and field trips. The information that was collected came from the waiver forms submitted during the registration process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our privacy policy page ( for more details.

We want to thank everyone that has registered to our programs! We appreciate all of the students that have returned to our programs the past year. This organization wouldn’t be possible without the curiosity and passion that your children have towards biology. We want to thank you again for helping us reach higher.


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