Registration – SVUSD


(1) The Fall 2022 Spooky Science classes below are FULL.  Ralph Gates and Valencia Elementary are still OPEN and we accept late registration.  To place your child on our waiting list or late registration, please email us your child’s name and school to Thank you.

  • Foothill Ranch Elementary
  • Portola Hills Elementary
  • Melinda Heights Elementary
  • Robinson Elementary
  • Trabuco Mesa Elementary


(2) The Winter (Land Water Creatures) and Spring (Gardening Science) 2023 Registrations are OPEN for all schools, except below.  To place your child on our waiting list or late registration, please email us your child’s name and school to Thank you.

  • Portola Hills Elementary (Winter session – Land Water Creatures)


Use the form below only for Saddleback Valley Unified School District Classes.  For Kindergarten parents, please notice that some schools only allow 1st-6th grade registration.  This registration is for SVUSD students ON-SITE ONLY until further notice.  For other facilities, please click here to go to the specific registration form.  Please review our Class Schedules prior to registration.


ElementaryTopicDayDatesTimeGradeNo Class No of ClassesClass Fee
Foothill Ranch Gardening ScienceTue3/21-5/232:20pm-3:20pm1st-6th4/49$270
Foothill Ranch Land Water CreaturesTue1/10-3/142:20pm-3:20pm1st-6thMin Day 3/710$300
Foothill Ranch Spooky ScienceTue10/25-12/202:20pm-3:20pm1st-6th11/22. Min Day 11/8.8$240
Melinda HeightsGardening ScienceFri3/24-5/262:35pm-3:35pm1st-6th4/79$270
Melinda HeightsLand Water CreaturesFri1/13-3/172:35pm-3:35pm1st-6th1/27, 2/17. Min Day 3/108$240
Melinda HeightsSpooky ScienceFri10/28-12/232:35pm-3:35pm1st-6th10/28-12/237$210
Portola Hills Gardening ScienceThu3/23-5/2512:35pm-1:35pm1st-6th4/69$270
Portola Hills Land Water CreaturesThu1/12-3/1612:35pm-1:35pm1st-6thNone10$300
Portola Hills Spooky ScienceThu10/27-12/2212:35pm-1:35pm1st-6th11/24.8$240
Ralph GatesGardening ScienceThu3/23-5/252:50pm-3:50pm1st-6th4/69$270
Ralph GatesLand Water CreaturesThu1/12-3/162:50pm-3:50pm1st-6thMin Day 3/910$300
Ralph GatesSpooky ScienceThu10/27-12/222:50pm-3:50pm1st-6th11/24. Min Day 11/3, 11/10.8$240
RobinsonGardening ScienceMon3/20-5/222:40pm-3:40pmK-6th4/39$270
RobinsonLand Water CreaturesMon1/9-3/132:40pm-3:40pmK-6th1/16, 2/20. Min Day 3/68$240
RobinsonSpooky ScienceMon10/24-12/192:40pm-3:40pmK-6th10/31, 11/21. Min Day 11/7.7$210
Trabuco Mesa Gardening ScienceMon3/20-5/222:25pm-3:25pmK-6th4/39$270
Trabuco Mesa Land Water CreaturesMon1/9-3/132:25pm-3:25pmK-6th1/16, 2/20. Min Day 3/68$240
Trabuco Mesa Spooky ScienceMon10/24-12/192:25pm-3:25pmK-6th10/31, 11/21. Min Day 11/7.7$210
ValenciaGardening ScienceFri3/24-5/262:35pm-3:35pmK-6th4/79$270
ValenciaLand Water CreaturesFri1/13-3/172:35pm-3:35pmK-6th1/27, 2/17. Min Day 3/108$240
ValenciaSpooky ScienceFri10/28-12/232:35pm-3:35pmK-6th11/11, 11/257$210