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Bionerds has programs for Home School and Charter School students throughout Orange County, either having Bionerds individualized events or just simply joining our regular programs, such as After-school programs, Camps, Library programs, and more.  All of our programs is non-sectarian based.

Things to know on how to use your charter school fund for our program:

(1) As of August 1, 2020 – Some charter schools already mentioned that they do NOT fund in-person programs.  They only fund online programs.  Please make sure to check with your school on what their policy is.  You may need to pay out of pocket on our in-person programs until the restriction is lifted.

(2) For Bionerds facilities that accept charter-school funds directly, please make sure to have the Purchase Order (PO) issued before the first day of class, otherwise no guarantee of a spot in the class.   For programs that are longer than 5-week long, please have the PO created as monthly-payments PO instead of a lump sum.  For the programs that are 5 weeks or shorter, please have the PO issued in a lump sum.

(3) For Bionerds facilities that do NOT accept charter-school funds directly, parents or guardians will have to pay in advance on the online registration system.   Please have your school issue the PO at the same time and send a copy to Bionerds.  Bionerds will invoice the school when the session is done.  Once the payment is received (about 2-4 weeks after), Bionerds will reimburse the payment (minus material fee if included) via mail.

Please contact us for more info and details on how to use your fund for our classes, email to admin@bionerdsllc.com or call to (949) 288-1486.

We are an approved vendor for public Home School or Charter Schools listed below*:

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